The Journey of Self Discovery


Mahatma Gandhi had often acknowledged the Bhagavad Gita’s profound effect on his life. He said, “When doubts haunt me, when disappointments stare me in the face, and I see not one ray of hope on the horizon, I turn to Bhagavad-Gita and find a verse to comfort me; and I immediately begin to smile in the midst of overwhelming sorrow.

Those who meditate on the Gita will derive fresh joy and new meanings from it every day.”

Have you ever faced with a disappointment despite giving your best? Have you seen or experienced bad things that happen to good people or vice-versa? Or have you ever wondered deeply about who *you* are, who *God* is, whether He exists & if He does, how are the three related? What is my higher responsibility as a man/woman? What is *real love*? What is *real happiness*? These are pertinent questions every man or woman must ask themselves and strive to get answers for to lead a harmonious and peaceful life. Ignorance is the real problem and self-enlightenment is the solution.

We present a short course called ‘Journey of Self-discovery.’ As the title rightly conveys, it propels you on a self-discovery journey at the end of which you will discover a new *you*, a *you* who has discovered a new meaning of life and happiness; obtain answers to your many questions and enjoy some practical application methodologies. The course is based on the teachings of the ancient Indian Vedic scriptures and the time-tested teachings from The Bhagavad Gita.


We begin the course by understanding the basic similarities and differences between humans and animals. This analysis helps us realize the special prerogative of human life; the ability to reason and offer permanent solutions to the problems of life. We then address the fundamental question of what actually is a problem. Knowing the difference between a relative problem and a real problem helps us decide the nature of solution to be offered for a particular problem.

Temporary solutions are compared to a painkiller and the permanent solutions to regulated health and medicines. Painkillers only give temporary relief but eventually become ineffective in removing the burning distress of the heart. Similarly the objects of pleasure sought by us could be either a painkiller or a real medicine. The session helps you discover the parameters for both. Enjoy an adventurous search of discovering permanent solutions to life’s real and fleeting problems.


For millennia saints and holy men of all religious and spiritual traditions pursued an inner calling of God as a solution for seeking permanent happiness. Is this a utopian idea or for real? Can we logically and scientifically prove the existence of God?

The session examines the logic of ‘creation implies creator; laws imply law maker’. Famous scientists’ testimony adds to the overwhelming evidence for the existence of God. We further explore the mysterious and divine realm of holy books and scriptures. The astounding scientific facts and predictions contained in these texts reveal to us their unique position.

How do we get the eyes to see God? The session offers an innovative yet time tested method of acquiring spiritual knowledge and God realization through ‘the power of aural reception’. Understanding and regular practise of this method not only gives us a conviction about the existence of God; it also helps us see the benevolent hand of God in our lives at all times.

DAY 3 - WHO AM I ?

A car cannot move on its own; a driver maneuvers it. Similarly the body functions due to the presence of a driver, the soul. The soul pervades the body with consciousness and adds the element of life to the body. What or who is the soul? Can we practically experience the connection to soul and God in our daily lives?

Through the empowering tool of self awareness, the session helps us see ourselves as different from our bodily existence. We then go deeper to examine the phenomenon of reincarnation. Lively case studies of near death experiences lead us to the hitherto unexplored realm of life after death.


If God does exist, is He one or many? How do we explain the existence of so many religions and so many gods? What about the plethora of images and forms in Hinduism? Does God have a form or is He an impersonal light that pervades the whole existence? Is He simply energy or the energetic source?

Besides answering the above questions in an interactive and lively manner, the session also helps us see the various Gods, Demigods, and incarnations in a mature light. The session helps us appreciate a Supreme yet loving God.


The most popular of the six sessions, this session examines thoroughly the law of action and reaction, also known as the law of karma. The session facilitates the participants to relate to the sufferings of the world more soberly by examining the nature and the purpose of this world.

Each one of us is controlled by three subtle energies, known as modes. The modes of goodness, passion and ignorance binds the living entity just like a puppet is held by different strings. What are these modes and how can we free ourselves from these subtle influences through yoga is learnt by the participants.


The lessons and experiences of the first five sessions create a need for practical life management programme. The concluding session offers a healthy package and schedule centred on prayer and meditation. This session address the acutely felt need of balancing our material and spiritual roles.

Who is a spiritual guide and do we need one? The session gives us handy tools to separate the genuine spiritual teachers from the con men. Furthermore, participants also learn the art of transforming our homes and hearts into a temple. The practical ‘ABCD’ formula makes the spirituality package easy and spiritual life joyful.

These sessions empower you to examine more closely the fundamental paradigms of life. The discovery of answers to each of these questions promises to fill your lives with a deeper purpose and inner contentment.