Mark Twain says 'The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.' When we are born is past Information, to know why we are born will bring Transfromation.

Learn the essence of Life & Gita in 6 sessions of "Journey of Self Discovery Course" Quench your Quest & Enjoy this Journey towards Stability, Wisdom & Bliss !!

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Journey of Self Discovery Program

The Glimpse of Six Days Seminar on ' The Journey of Self Discovery '

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Radha Gopinath Das Gaur Gopal Das
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Shuba Vilas Das Shyam Charan Das


Who guide you live in symbiosis
with nature and life

JOSD program promises to be a life-changing, inspiring and empowering experience. Our teachings allow people of all faiths and traditions to benefit ,they also help Resolve Relationship conflicts on a Soul Level and help apply solutions in different Life Situations

Our program promises people Integrate their Life Purpose into their Life and Work and overcoming Blocks, Fears and Insecurities by Unique Spiritual Path and lead a Happy & Fulfilled Life


  • Bhavesh B Chhatbar
    I have done the journey of self discovery course (JOSD) for the second time . The first time because I was curious and the second time because it is just brilliant. Apart from systematically explaining with proof the fundamentals of life like is there a God, and if there is a God who is he and why do bad things ever happen, they will also help you understand who you really are and what's your position in this cosmic creation with facts !!!  They are very learned teachers and their real interest is in bringing us closer to God. I would do this course many more times because the course  is dynamic & interactive and no matter how many times you do it, there are always new stories that come up teaching us something new. I think this course should be mandatory for everyone but I would recommend this course to people who are on quest for the truth behind our existence, the secrets of the universe, the truth of life death and beyond , especially the youth. Not only will it give you knowledge but it will give you peace. Just one suggestion for those who plan to do this course to please note down all the things that you always wondered about, no matter what it is. They will be answered.If you want the truth, don't hold back your doubts. Take the first step to solving all your problems,  give meaning to your life and begin your journey to understanding God.
    Bhavesh B Chhatbar
    Business Development - Oil & Gas , Weatherford International
  • Ms. Unnati Parekh
    The JOSD is a wonderful course that provides any spiritual seekers with answers to life's very basic question in a  simple & practical manner. After experimenting with various different spiritual practices over the last 10 years, I attended  the JOSD and that helped me complete the jigsaw puzzle of  life . It gave me utmost clarity about the purpose of my life and also provided a roadmap to reach the goal/final destination. And the roadmap is very simple to follow , doesn't need any qualification. Anyone can do it. I am really grateful to have  come across such a wonderful process that brought about transformation in  my life. I have experienced fulfillment that goes beyond happiness , that can only be experienced ant not express.
    Ms. Unnati Parekh
    Head- Currency Derivatives- Kanji Forex
  • Anjan Kumar Mitra

    At the outset let me be feel lucky to get a chance to attend the lectures of Prabhuji. My views in short will address primarily on three aspects.

    a) Compilation of course material is so thoughtful even a fallen soul like me could taste the nectar. It directed me towards realising Supreme Truth according to my ability.

    b) Presentation format is so immaculate that is perfectly understandable by a neophyte like me.

    c) Prabhuji's narration style is awesome, every word of him penetrated in my heart and felt my heart slowly in the process getting cleansed.

    I have sincerely taken notes and prepared a final note book of around fifty pages, which I read quite often, and I wanted to show him for any correction thereof.

    Finally I can conclude as Lord Krishna asked Arjun at the end of His deliberation as Bhagavad-gita - Arjun did you listen my advice in concentration? Was your ignorance raised out  of desire vanished and Arjun said : Hey Lord, my desire have subsided. Well, I am not qualified to say so, but I can say, 'my desire was subsided during the period only while I was in class’.

    Anjan Kumar Mitra
    Self Employed
  • Manoj Joshi

    Hare Krishna !

    JOSD as the name says it’s a Journey of Self Discovery. Without knowing who we are and what is the higher purpose of our life, we can wander for the lifetime and reach nowhere. I am very grateful to Shri Shubha Vilas ji for providing beautiful insight on practical application of Bhagavad Gita in one’s life thru JOSD. Whoever has thirst for spiritual knowledge or curious about JOSD, I’ll say ‘Just Do It’.

    Surrender to Krishna and ‘Live life Krishna size’. It is going to be ‘Jindgi ke saath bhi aur Jindgi ke baad bhi’, assured high returns with no risk and minimum capital of pure devotion.

    Manoj Joshi
    Sr. Manager- Accounts Corporate Services- Axis Bank
  • Srishti Srivastava

    Shubh Vilas ji is a very good orator and anyone who attends this class will truly be convinced as well as influenced by the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. The itself course is designed in a way that it would appeal to neophytes as well as those who have been living by the words of Bhagavad Gita for a long time. The narration of the various verses, goes beyond the word by word translation and the purport. The right kind of emphasis is placed on all the important verses by connecting them with stories in order to ensure that we never forget those verses. All of us, irrespective of our previously held beliefs, ideologies and conceptions can take something from this class and enrich our lives by what this wonderful book has to offer.

    Srishti Srivastava
    Working with KPMG
  • Dr Nikhil Choudhary

    Journey of self-discovery is indeed most appropriate title for the course. After attending this course I realized that you need to attend n hear it number of times to understand the content.

    Though I was inclined towards spirituality n used to attend Bhagavat Gita class but this course has added booster to my spiritual path in regards to increasing my love for Krishna, I started chanting 16 rounds, fasting, also seeing my self n everyone at soul level. Just mere the words of thanks wouldn’t be enough for expressing my gratitude to Shubhvilas prabhuji and team for having organized this course,  strengthening my faith in Krishna, and establishing my long lost connection in to Krishna consciousness. Still I feel there is lot to learn and lot to advance. Hare Krishna!!!!

    Dr Nikhil Choudhary
    Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals, Mumbai 
  • Dr. Kiran Hathial

    I came in contact with HGSVP during the Advanced BG Class...Prabhuji's lectures are so simple and easy to understand... The sincerity and simplicity in his discourse is something that touches your heart.. Have the good fortune of hearing the "Ramayana" from him...Prabhuji has always being helpful to all of us ( He arranged for a book for me, from the library of Shree Tirupati Balaji Temple library, because I couldn't find it elsewhere... Something I'll never forget..)

    Very accostable, helpful, simple and always wearing a smile...  Makes one want to interact with him..

    Dr. Kiran Hathial
    Grant Medical College, JJ Hospital
Transforming a virtual force to
the spiritual level

It is a state when our internal reference point shifts from body, mind and ego. We experience and cultivate Soul consciousness During the course, a person begins to identify with this aspect of the Self, which is beyond thinking and feeling and then he or she begins to feel more calm, centered and intuitive in daily life.

As the authentic core of oneself solidifies, there is less emotional drama in one’s life. Relationships are more loving and compassionate, and one finds a deeper, more caring relationship with the environment and nature. With the experience of the silent witness, the biology will also reflect greater balance .